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We’ve been talking about how to increase your Alexa Rank in the past two posts.  What I didn’t realize is that some people do not understand all the hullabaloo about Alexa.  My apologies to those who feel this way and thanks to Adam, one of our readers, who brought this to my attention.

So, indeed, why should we bother with Alexa Rank?  Is it really important?  More so, what is Alexa Rank?

Simply put, Alexa collects data regarding the traffic that goes through your site or your blog.  This was explained in the previous post where I quoted the text from Alexa itself. So it is much like a system which measures your site’s popularity.

So how is this important? Ask yourself, why are you maintaining your blog or your web site?  If it is fully for your own pleasure and no one else’s, then Alexa Rank may not be important to you at all.  However, if you want to let the rest of the world know about your site, then Alexa could work for you.

Another important thing is that Alexa is being used by a lot of advertisers and publishers.  If you are working on monetizing your blog, then you definitely need these people.  And how do you attract them?  By getting a high ranking in the eyes of the people at Alexa. Of course, there are other factors that could come into play, it is not always that simple.  However, this is the basic premise behind the importance of Alexa.

I hope that helps.